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    A location in the Forgotten Realms, and the starting point of Baldur's Gate.

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    Candlekeep is a towered fortress library that stands on the cliffs over looking the Sea of Swords. The library is filled with books and scrolls of knowledge, and it was the home of the great seer Alaundo, who among other visions, foresaw the coming of the Bhaalspawn . To gain entry to the halls of wisdom, a visitor must gift the library collection with a new tome of immense value. The path to Candlekeep is called the Way of the Lion.
    The monks of Candlekeep are known as the Avowed. The Avowed are lead by the Keeper of the Tomes, Ulraunt and his assistant, Tethtoril. The monks that reside in Candlekeep favour Oghma, the god of knowledge and the deities, Deneir (the scribe of Oghma), Gond (lord of all smiths) and Milil (one who watches while music is alive and the guardian of singers and troubadours).



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