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    Candy Crush Soda Saga

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Aug 02, 2014

    The sequel to the massively popular match game Candy Crush Saga featuring all-new levels and objectives.

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    The gameplay of Candy Crush Soda Saga is largely the same as its predecessor. Candy is cleared by matching three or more candies of the same type via swapping candies with a neighbour (much like Bejeweled). When candies are cleared, pieces fall from above to fill the emptied spaces and the game continues.

    Much like Candy Crush, special combo candies are formed by matching lines of over 3 candies. Striped, wrapped, and colour bomb candies return from last game but two new combos are offered. First, jelly fish are created if four candies are arranged in a square. Second, the new "colouring candy" is formed by matching six or more candies (in a T shape). The colouring candy has a predetermined colour, and when matched with another candy of a different colour, it will turn all candies of that type into the special piece's colour. As in Candy Crush, each combo candy can be matched with another combo candy for a more powerful effect.

    Each level consists of an objective that must be completed within a turn limit. Soda Saga introduces several new objectives:

    • Raise Soda: coloured "bottle" candies must be matched to raise the soda level by one line. When the soda reaches the top of the level, the objective is complete. The soda acts as a new center of gravity; all cleared lines below the level will float up, and cleared lines above the soda will fall as normal.
    • Find Bears: several gummy bears are hidden under ice (which appeared in Candy Crush as jelly). To clear ice, match candy overlapping the spaces containing ice. Uncover all the bears to win.
    • Candy String: raise the bubbled bears above the candy string to win. The bears float up into cleared spaces as long as the soda level is at least one line higher than the bear.

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