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    Candy Kong

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    A lovely blonde member of the Kong Family. She saves the player's game in Donkey Kong Country.

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    The alleged love interest of Donkey Kong. She appears as a supporting character in several entries of the Donkey Kong Country series.


    Candy Kong has yet to be a playable character in any capacity. However, she does play major supporting roles in several of the games that she appears in. She operates save points, sells equipment and upgrades, and even runs mini-game courses for the other Kongs to compete in.

    Game Appearances

    Donkey Kong Country

    Candy appears at the save points to operate the save barrels for Donkey and Diddy. In the GBA remakes, she does not operate a save point, but runs a mini game. The game is a rhythm-based dance routine where the player must input the button prompts as they scroll across the screen.

    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

    Only appearing in the GBA remake, Candy is seen as Swanky Kong's cohost in the trivia game segments.

    Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble

    Only appearing in the GBA remake, Candy's role is diminished further as she only appears as one of the kongs that needs rescuing in the 'Protect' mini game.

    Donkey Kong 64

    Candy returns to form in a major supporting role. Sporting a new outfit and hairstyle, she runs Candy's Music Shop, and supplies the kongs with weapons and health upgrades.

    She also plays a major role in the ending, where she distracts King K. Rool so that Funky can get a clear shot at him with a bazooka.

    She then appears in the end credits. In the regular ending, she is seen lounging on DK's front porch, giggling happily as she watches Diddy zip around with his rocketbarrels. In the secret ending, she is seen first riding atop K. Lumsy. Then, she is seen during a series of outtakes. Finally, she is seen posing for a glamor pinup photo.

    DK: King of Swing

    Candy only makes an appearance in the game's opening cutscene with all of the other distressed kongs, when King K. Rool steals their medals.

    DK: Jungle Climber

    In this game, Candy only appears in the opening cutscene, where she is seen lounging on the beach, before the game starts.

    Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast

    Candy runs the mini games in this game as well. There are 32 games in total, all of which have different rules from one another. Sometimes when a challenge is completed, a new playable character will be unlocked.

    Physical Appearance

    Candy is a tall, full-figured, statuesque gorilla, with locks of banana-yellow hair. The primary color of the clothes that she wears is pink, regardless of the style of clothing she wears. Unlike most of the Kongs, who walk on all fours, Candy is only ever seen walking upright.


    Her style of clothing has changed much over the years. In her first appearance, she wore a pink, one piece swimsuit, which may have alluded to the easy-going beach bum lifestyle the Kongs were implied to live, before the arrival of the Kremlings. In most subsequent appearances, Candy has worn dark pink shorts with a blue belt and a cropped, pink tank top with her name printed on the front.

    In her appearance as Swanky Kong's cohost, she wore a long, blue dress with a hip-length slit on one side of it. In her hair, she wore a blue flower. Whether the flower was real, or if it was a clip or a ribbon is unknown.

    While usually barefoot, the one time that she wore any footwear at all was in Donkey Kong 64. Her choice of footwear in that game was a pair of pink converses with white toe caps.


    While her hair color has remained the same, her hair has changed styles a few times. In her first appearance, Candy's hair was worn in curls. In Donkey Kong 64, her hair was straightened. By her next appearance, her hair was shortened to shoulder-length, and was worn with pronounced locks that slightly resembled a bunch of bananas. In her appearance as Swanky's cohost, her hair was worn in a stylish bouffant.


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