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    A Sicilian pastry dessert. Italians often try to take credit for its creation, but these delicious pastries were created in Sicily and not Italy.

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    Cannoli is a Sicilian pastry that some consider to be delicious. A cannolo basically consists of a piece of fried dough wrapped in the shape of a tube and filled with ricotta cheese, usually mixed with something sweet. It is common to find cannoli with chocolate chips in the filling, but they are never used in traditional recipes. Cannoli often varies in size from from finger-size to hand-size. They can be found in local bakeries and even major supermarkets.

    Sicilian Factor

    While many people believe that cannoli was created in Italy; Sicily is the true birthplace of cannoli. The fictional Sicilian character, Peter Clemenza, is best known for saying, "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." in the Godfather.


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