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Note that "CC" stands for "Canthan Calendar".

1637 CC - Emperor Usoku defeats the Kurzicks and the Luxons, uniting Cantha under one banner and begins to drive out the non-humans, as well as those humans who opposed him.

1582 CC - Present day in Factions. Master Togo summons Mhenlo to the Shing Jea Monastery. Shiro unleashes a plague in Cantha.

1581 CC - Resurgent trade between Cantha and the devastated Tyrian kingdoms formalized in the Second Treaty of Lion's Arch. Bay of Sirens renamed Sea of Sorrows after upswing in shipwrecks.

1580 CC - End of the Guild Wars

1568 CC - Kintah dies and is succeeded by his son Kisu, who becomes the 31st Canthan emperor.

1527 CC - The Luxons and Kurzicks of Cantha end formal diplomatic contact, communicating with each other only when required (and almost always through official liaisons of the Celestial Ministry).

1523 CC - The first Guild Wars begins.

1450 CC - Cantha's embassy formally closed in Ascalon City.

1412 CC - Long-standing trade agreements between the Tyrian kingdoms and the Canthan Empire dissolved by imperial decree.

1382 CC - Shiro Tagachi slain in the Harvest Temple of Cantha after killing Emperor Angsiyan. The bloodline is unbroken when his son Hanjai (Kisu's great-great grandfather) ascends to the throne.

731 CC - Cantha begins trading with Tyria.

684 CC - Serpents leave the world of men.

511 CC - Prince Chang Hai, a Warrior Monk, becomes first Ascendant emperor of Cantha.

510 CC - The gods leave Tyria.

509 CC - Gods give magic to the races of Tyria.

410 CC - High-planes human settlements become known as Ascalon. Ascalon's new king receives first Canthan ambassador.

305 CC - Humans appear on the northern continent.

51 CC - Kurzicks declare independence from Cantha, become vassal clan.

48 CC - Luxons formally secede from the Empire, become vassal clan.

46 CC - Lord Emperor Kaineng Tah dies under mysterious circumstances.

0 CC - Canthan clans unite under Kaineng Tah, first Lord Emperor of the Dragon.

Late Pre-Imperial Era - Humans appear in Cantha for the first time and settle the northern coastline before spreading completly across the continent. Their development is unhindered by the Forgotten.

Middle Pre-Imperial-Era - The Forgotten arrive in Tyria.

Early Pre-Imperial-Era - Last sign of Giganticus Lupicus--true giants--on Tyria (best guess).


  • Shing Jea Island
  • Kaineng City
  • Echovald Forest
  • The Jade Sea

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