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Capcom Fighting All-Stars was a 3D fighting game in production for release in arcades and the PS2. It was to feature a roster of characters from Capcom's Street Fighter series, Rival Schools and Final Fight as well as a few original characters. The storyline involved a bomb threat to Metro City. Capcom has never commented publicly on the reasons behind the game's cancellation.

Capcom eventually produced and released Capcom Fighting Evolution, a completely different crossover fighting game using 2D sprite animation. Ingrid, an original character that was intended to make her debut in Capcom Fighting All-Stars, was included as the sole original playable character. She also later appeared in the PSP version of Street Fighter Alpha 3. Two other original characters, D.D. and Rook, were apparently abandoned when the game was cancelled and have not appeared in any other projects.

Capcom Fighting All-Stars was to mark the return of Mike Haggar to the realm of fighting games, having previously appeared in Saturday Night Slam Masters.

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