Capcom and Microsoft Have Something Big in Store?

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#1 Posted by norton123 (366 posts) -

A pic and a little post popped up on Capcom's blog about something Capcom and Microsoft are doing. The info is said to be released on the 26th of this month. Here's a link to an article about it. Any speculations my friends?

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#2 Posted by Driadon (3215 posts) -

Unless it either has something to do with Mass Effect 2 or Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, everyone who would be excited will be busy doing something else.

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#3 Posted by JokerClown88 (1107 posts) -

Maybe a  Capcom Vs. Microsoft game?  That would be awesome.  I would love to kick Master Chiefs ass with Ryu.
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#4 Posted by norton123 (366 posts) -
@Driadon:   Can't blame them for being busy with Mass Effect 2.
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#5 Posted by Andorski (5481 posts) -

I hope it's not just a fighting game.

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#6 Posted by norton123 (366 posts) -
@Andorski: Yes something other than a fighting game would be nice.
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#8 Posted by mordukai (8482 posts) -

I don't know. I think MS needs to spend their money building their own studios then to pay third party publishers for exclusives, It's better for the long run. I have a feeling this trend will eventually bite them on their asses. But hey, It's their money. 

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