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    Capell is the lead character in the game Infinite Undiscovery. A young man who is unexpectedly wrapped up in a battle for the fate of the world - There is more to him than meets the eye.

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    Capell is introduced as a cowardly and somewhat whiny musician who has been imprisoned due to his likeness to Sigmund, a renown hero of the people and outlaw. When Aya (one of Lord Sigmund's "Liberation Force" members) shows up to free her lord from prison, she quickly discovers she has made a mistake. Being the decent person that she is, she offers to take Capell with her. He actually declines at first, being afraid of what might happen. After escaping the pursuit of the Ogre warden and his soldiers and wolves, they meet up with Sigmund, who indeed looks almost exactly like Capell. Shortly after this, it is discovered that Aya has an infected wound and she must receive extensive medical treatment soon or she will die. A few of the Liberation Force fighters opt to leave her to die (including Aya herself), as she will slow their progress in their quest to free the moon from it's chains, and the land from the monsters that follow such chainings. Sigmund actually has a heart, and tells Capell of a nearby village. Upon hearing this, Capell immeadiately offers to see her to safety. This is but the beginning of a great and mysterious quest that will lead to more adventures and shocking truths than Capell ever wanted.
    But on this journey, he learns more than he could have ever dreamed of about his past and himself.


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