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Better Late Than Never: The Review of Capsized 0

Capsized, Alientrap’s physics-based 2D action platformer, catches your immediate attention with its striking art and catchy soundtrack and never lets go of that attention with its fun and varied combat and movement mechanics.The Good:Gorgeous and detailed environment bursting with alien eerinessContinuous soft techno soundtrack lend your ears a soothing journey throughoutCombinations of your arsenal offer much variety in your combat and traversalThe Bad:Occasional glitches involving the player a...

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Capsized 0

Developer Alientrap sells Capsized on the premise of it being retro-inspired, a throwback to 2D action games with a focus on its platforming and exploration. While it certainly plays like a Bionic Commando with oiled joints, Capsized’s artistic style and atmosphere, the two main reasons for investing a purchase, are borrowed ideas from worthy inspirations; Dead Space, Bioshock, and even the Aliens franchise pop their head up in Capsized’s vivacious art, giving the world a malevolent tone. It mar...

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I like Space. 0

Boy did this one surprise me, the freedom of movement is incredible. From your gravity hook, jetpack, anti grav pick ups, moving around truly feels great. It feels a little like Metroid. Due to the aspect of the isloation of an unitentional and forced exploration of a new planet.Some creatures being hostile and some not. Of course if you want to be crass you can draw comparisons to Terraria and Starbound without the crafting. But the movement and art style, I really like the art style, are enoug...

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