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    Captain America: Super Soldier

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Jul 19, 2011

    Tying in to the 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger, Super Soldier tells a side-story where the ultra-patriotic Steve Rogers takes the fight to the villainous HYDRA organization during World War II.

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    Captain America: Super Soldier is a third person action game in development by Next Level Games. It was released to tie-in with the release of the film Captain America: The First Avenger.

    The game is set during World War II, as Steve "Captain America" Rogers takes on the Red Skull in a castle turned HYDRA base. Combat will revolve around melee attacks, as well as Cap's iconic shield.

    The game will tie into the movie universe of Captain America and is being written by comic book veteran, Christos Gage.


    Captain America: Super Soldier puts you in the shoes of Captain America as he fights to defeat HYDRA, a villainous organization with highly advanced technology. Super Soldier's gameplay is centered around combat, which is both a mix of melee and ranged attacks.

    That is going to hurt...
    That is going to hurt...

    Cap can strike at his opponent with his fists, knocking them out when they're on the ground, countering their attacks and creating combos. Cap can also fight with his shield, swinging it at foes. As Cap lands multiple hits, he'll build up a focus meter. Using a focus attack kills most enemies in one shot and are usually done in slow-motion. When executing a focus attack with Cap's fists, the game zooms in on the enemy to show the pain he is in when the move lands. When executing a focus attack with the shield, Cap can shield dash, taking out multiple enemies.

    Cap is also an expert in ranged attacks thanks to his trusty shield. You can aim at certain enemies for a precise hit or make the shield ricochet off enemies and walls to take out multiple enemies. The shield also lets Cap protect himself from incoming fire. By holding down the guard button, Cap automatically blocks incoming attacks from any direction (you do not have to orient him to block an attack). An on screen indicator will indicate when an enemy is about to shoot at you and by hitting the guard button at just the right time, the shield will deflect the bullet back at the enemy. The shield lets you also perform a ground slam to scatter enemies who get to close.

    Super Soldier also has some light platforming that is rhythm based. By hitting a button at just the right moment, Cap will swing or jump with amazing speed. You do not control where he jumps to, your goal is to press the buttons at the right moment so to keep your multiplier going. Your multiplier gains you xp (you also get xp after defeating enemies and finding collectibles) that you can use to upgrade your abilities.

    Captain America: Super Soldier attempts to immerse you in Cap's universe similar to how Batman: Arkham Asylum immersed the player in the Batman universe. You are fairly free to explore the environment and solve puzzles to open doors (these puzzles involve Cap finding a secret code). You can also sneak around and stalk your enemies, but this is entirely unnecessary.


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