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Next Level Games offers Batman America 2

Quick info: My expectation for this game was nonexistent until about 2 weeks ago when I watched a 15 minute demo. I thought the game looked better than most movie tie-ins and the combat (no guns) looked fresh if not somewhat familiar. I never read any of the Captain America comics, but understood the premise and knew of the characters such as Red Skull, and Iron Cross.Is there a tougher developer assignment in the video game industry today than accepting a job to create a game to coincide with a...

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If you like punching guys in the face, you could do worse. 0

Continuing a trend of mediocre, Sega published, Marvel movie tie-ins is Captain America: Super Soldier. The game puts you in the boots of the star spangled super soldier as he attempts to thwart the plans of nefarious Nazis  Hydra! This naturally involves a lot of punching dudes in the fact. And if this game does anything well it's punching dudes in the face. Yes the game owes a lot to Arkham Asylum for it's combat system. It's more or less the same, albeit perhaps with less focus on rhythm. Re...

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"He's only one man! You are Hydra!!!" 0

Originally written 9-18-11Taking place in Europe during World War II, a group of soldiers are attacked by a gigantic mechanical looking monster. Steve Rogers aka Captain America springs into battle and he comes upon another mechanical looking being with devastating weaponry. After defeating the creature, he's briefed by Intel and is sent into battle against the organization called Hydra. Rogers begins his one man espionage to destroy anti-air equipment in order for the allies to invade, and put...

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My in-depth review of Captain America. Long read ahead. 0

Disclaimer : This is my opinion and only my opinion. I've played and beat the game last night. I'm not trying to insult anyone, and I hope you'll be respectful and mature. I bought Captain America a couple of days ago, when I went to gamespot to trade-in some games of mine to get some pre-orders. I saw the box of this game, and it's price-tag : 49,99. I said, what the heck, and took the plunge.What really encouraged me to do so? The fact that i've been creeping around the Captain America forums ...

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Captain America Super Solider 0

No one would blame you for taking one quick glance at Captain America Super Soldier and dismissing it instantly due to it being a video game based on a movie (though strangely, it doesn’t follow the movie’s plot at all). While this certainly isn’t a great game, it is in fact a rather decent comic book related game. One of the biggest reasons that Captain America plays so well however is that the entire combat system is taken directly from Batman Arkham Asylum. When you are not facing the onslaug...

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Captain America must hate America 0

Captain America Super Soldier is the video game counterpart to the feature film being released in theaters. This game follows the trend of recent Marvel movie based games in that the story doesn’t follow the film but is written by actual writers from the comics to be its own stand alone story. Movie based games (especially the ones based on comics) have had little to offer in the past but Captain America is unique in that it actually can be fun to play and have something to offer to fans of th...

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Captain America Super Soldier Review 0

Developer: SEGAPublisher: SEGABefore we get started, let’s just get the elephant in the room out the way. Yes, it’s a movie tie-in game, and yes it probably suffers from that a little. Games like like Goldeneye on the N64 have shown that movie licensed games can work (on rare occasions, excuse the pun), but in all honesty developers would be better taking the character and building their own story around them. That way they wouldn’t be forced to work around a narrative not built for the medium i...

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Beating Hydra One Counter-Attack at a Time 0

Video games based on super heroes or movies are the most frustrating products for production teams. These teams are given a short amount of time and a small budget to put out a game that coincides with a release date. Most of these games have terrible quality, and they sell very poorly. However, Next Level Games breaks this cycle with Captain America: Super Soldier.Cap’s new game avoids following the light action plot of the movie by centering on an expanded version of an action montage. This mo...

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Grand Theft, the American Way 0

'Licensed' is easily the dirtiest word in gaming. The mere mention of it brings about visions of stunted development, simplistic gameplay and derivative storytelling, a stigma that has unfortunately been very well earned. They don't all manage to kill an entire console generation, but even at their best, movie tie-ins tend to play more like CliffsNotes than actual games. Occasionally someone with ambition will attempt to overcome the crippling deadlines and limited resources to make something gr...

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