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If you like punching guys in the face, you could do worse.

Continuing a trend of mediocre, Sega published, Marvel movie tie-ins is Captain America: Super Soldier.
The game puts you in the boots of the star spangled super soldier as he attempts to thwart the plans of nefarious Nazis  Hydra! This naturally involves a lot of punching dudes in the fact.

And if this game does anything well it's punching dudes in the face.
Yes the game owes a lot to Arkham Asylum for it's combat system.
It's more or less the same, albeit perhaps with less focus on rhythm.
Regardless whether you're punching a Hydra soldier in the fact, throwing your shield about or... Well..
Punching more dudes in the face I guess... Well the combat feels satisfying, even if there isn't a tonne of variety to it.

There's especially little enemy variety.
You'll have fought every kind of enemy you'll ever fight within the first few hours and you'll continue to fight them to the games conclusion. Admittedly the game is quite brief, so you're not spending 20 hours fighting the same dudes over and over. But the repetition is especially noticeable.

When not punching dudes Captain Rogers is often leaping about the environment.
Yes, platforming elements! Except not really. Because the platforming sections are quick-time events.
Press the A button to jump from pole, to pole, to ledge, to ledge. Time it right and you'll get a "perfect" bonus, do it perfectly and you can avoid sniper fire whilst platforming. But this rarely ever comes into play.

Another big part of gameplay is collectibles.
There everywhere. Thankfully most of them are marked on the map, save the ceramic eggs.
Don't know why Captain America is hoarding ceramic eggs, but there you go.
Perhaps gathering all these items might pad out the games short run time some, but I don't think there's any real pay off for it. You do get concept art and such, so if you like that kind of thing you'll have plenty to keep you occupied.

It isn't the best looking game on the market.
About the only thing that looks good is Caps shield.
Cap himself has cold, dead eyes and everyone else suffers from horrible skin textures.
The environments fair a bit better, but not by a lot. It ain't pretty.

I didn't sit through the credits to be able to know whether they got the films cast in to do VO, but if they didn't they found perfectly adequate replacements as I certainly didn't note a difference. Sound and music in general is serviceable, with glaring issues. Music though suitably bombastic for a WWII/Super Hero game tends to fade into the background. The sounds of dudes being punched though? Incredibly satisfying. I know that's a small detail but it's one of the things that made the combat fun.

While a bit too short and too repetitious for me to wholly recommend, if you're after something you can plough through within an afternoon or two then you could do worse than Captain America.

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