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The real Captain Benjamin Briggs.
The real Captain Benjamin Briggs.

Loosely based on a real historical figure, the model for the captain seems to be one of the few original art assets in Limbo of the Lost. The real Benjamin Briggs was a captain on the Mary Celeste, a ship that mysteriously lost all its crew, and the game suggests he ended up in Limbo. In Limbo, which turns out to be a series of towns, he is appointed the role of detective trying to solve the case of stolen souls of the townsfolk via nonsensical puzzles. Briggs constantly breaks the fourth wall by being condescending to the player and complaining about the tasks he is supposed to do, or if he is left idle.

The real Captain Benjamin Briggs was the subject of a 1935 movie titled "The Mystery of The Mary Celeste" or "The Phantom Ship" which featured Bela Lugosi as one of his crewmates, a man on the edge of his sanity.

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