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    Captain Dick Hennessey

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    A modest crime fighter, when he isn't schooling young upstarts in the art of fisticuffs with his flaming fists of fury.

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    Richard "Dick" Hennessey, the main antagonist, built his career around being a tough cop. He leads the GAC Strike Force and takes to crime as if a war. He is one of the city's three major crime bosses along with Augie Blatz and Fahook Abdul.

    Hennessey was the one responsible for Frank Slate's death and was also the one to hire Patch to frame Jack for Augie Blatz's murder. He is a very crooked cop, using the evidence he acquired to blackmail half the city. According to Pinnacle, Hennessey possess enough evidence to put many criminals away, but prefers blackmail for the power. He murdered Frank Slate after Frank discovered Pinnacle's gold mining operation. If it had been exposed, Hennessey would lose the money he had invested in the operation.


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