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    Captain Edward Shrote

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    The captain of the New York Police Department and one of the lead antagonists in the 2007 game "The Darkness".

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    Edward Shrote is the incredibly corrupt captain of the New York City Police Department. He is widely known to side with the Franchetti crime family, and is on the payroll of the family's boss, Paulie Franchetti. Throughout the game The Darkness, Jackie Estacado is in pursuit of Shrote and eventually kills him in an explosion in a church. Shrote's death signalled an end to the safe guard the New York crime families had with the police, and heavily impacted Paulie Franchetti's relationship with the Chicago families.

    NYPD Loyalty

    Shrote seems to have a very loyal group of officers at his disposal who will lay their lives on the line if he so demands. In one of the beginning missions of the game, many officers utter dialogue that proves said loyalty to Eddie and the police force. However, many of his officers have proved to be in on the payroll of Paulie Franchetti, and are stationed at his drug operations, some of which have been featured in the game.

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