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    Captain Sawada

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    A character that originally appeared in the Jean-Claude Van Damme Street Fighter film, Captain Sawada was made a playable character in the game based on the movie.

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    Sawada is a Captain from Allied Nations.


    Originally, Capcom intended for Japanese actor Kenya Sawada to play Ryu in the 1994 film Street Fighter, however, Sawada's poor English skills prevented him from portraying Ryu, and Hong Kong actor Bryon Mann took his place. Capcom still wanted Sawada in the film, so the character Captain Sawada was created.


    Street Fighter: The Movie

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    Sawada was reused in the arcade and console versions of Street Fighter Movie, a digitized sprites game featuring actors from the film. Sawada became a replacement for Fei Long.

    Street Fighter V

    Shadaloo C.R.I. profile artwork
    Shadaloo C.R.I. profile artwork

    Sawada gained a profile at the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute.

    Street Fighter V: A Visionary Book lists Sawada as Charlie's former friend in the United States Air Forces and is currently one of his rivals (alongside Guile).

    Memorable Sawada Quotes:

    • You have a lot to learn.
    • No one fights like Sawada ! No one beats Sawada !
    • Train the mind and the body will follow.
    • Once again you have witnessed the power of Japan.

    SAWADA'S ending in Street Fighter: The Movie:

    Leading the Allied National Forces in their assault on General Bison's stronghold.
    Captain Sawada demonstrated his unique tactical abilities.
    A strong leader, Sawada has become a symbol for the soldiers in Japan's Self-Defense Force.
    Although he has only served with Guile a few times,
    Sawada earned the admiration of the Allied Forces leader.
    When asked in a recent G N T interview who was the toughest soldier he had served with,
    Colonel Guile quickly replied " No contest. Sawada of Japan ".


    • A trading card game released in 1995 says that Sawada's full name is Kenzo Sawada.

    • In the animated series Street Fighter, Sawada appears in two episodes, he is said to have become a Colonel after the invasion of Shadaloo, the series differs from the film, with Sawada opposing Guile's decision.
    • In the Brazilian comic book, Sawada is a Captain in the United Nations Armed Forces.
    • Sawada uses a unique fighting style mixed with ninjutsu.


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