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Liberation was the sequel to the 1990 hit Captive. Released on the Amiga 1200 and the CD32 game console, it attemped to introduce "sandbox" gameplay years ahead of its time, set in a futuristic city of tall buildings and hover cars.


The player (you) were free thanks to your troop of four robots (events played out in Captive). Now, you have tasked yourself to bring down the evil corporation that had kept you captive.

The main view showed a first person view of the robots' environment, surrounded by icons representing each robot. The player had to guide his robots around the city searching for clues as to the whereabouts of enemies of the corporation. Again, your robots could be receive upgrades ranging from armour, to weapons to "accessory" upgrades like vision enhancement.

All of the buildings could be entered and searched. You could also enter the sewers, although this often meant certain death due to the strength of the enemies down there. Your robots could fight, interrogate and bribe the city inhabitants in order to find these clues. To conclude a level, your party must find that level's hidden rebel.


Ultimately, the game was just was too ambitious for the hardware it was running on. In stark contrast to Captive, Liberation suffered from software bugs and slow and clunky animation.


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