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General Information

 Car Jack Streets was developed by Tag Games. It is similar to a Grand Theft Auto game, it has 5 different weapons and many different cars to drive. 
There are various missions you can take, and there is an internal clock that determines things such as missions and deadlines. 
In addition to your life bar, you also have a wanted system. Police will pursue you more as you get more stars. 
This can be anything from 1-4 stars. 4 stars being the maximum. You can also be attacked by mobsters if you attack them.


  You play as Randal Meyers, after watching his father die, he turned to gambling. After excessive gambling, Randal has gained a million dollar debt to the mob. Frankie the mob boss has allowed you to pay your debt back $50,000 at a time per week. If he doesn't he will be killed. You have a ally named Uncle Murphy, who helps you find work to gain the money to pay back Frankie.  This story takes place in Jack City.


There are many different types of items to be found in the game.


 There are 5 different weapons in the game, each has a limited amount of ammo, and when you run out of ammo, you lose the weapon
Some weapon pickups have the ability to set off a Postal mission. This is random.
Shotgun- Good for close range and single enemies, the shotgun does a decent job of destroying cars. Mobsters tend to carry them
Machine Gun- Typical assault rifle, has 30 shots and fires in bursts. Good for multiple enemies.
Flamethrower- Very similar to the machine gun, fires a wider stream of fire, kills many enemies and destroys cars quickly.
Grenade- Short ranged explosive, destroys cars instantly.
Rocket Launcher- Long range explosive, same power as the grenade.
The police also use handguns, which cannot be picked up. They do the same damage as the machine gun, but fire in single bursts.


 There are various items you can use besides weapons. Along the usable items, there are 50 hidden packages hidden throughout Jack City. If you find all 50 you can enter a contest through Tag Games' Website. There are 4 main usable items.
Health-  Restores your life
Disguise- Reduces your wanted level to zero
Ammo- Adds ammo to all of your current held weapons
Gang- Spawns 2 followers that will shoot at any hostile enemies, uses handguns like the police, they can come with you even if you get in a car.


 There are a ton of various missions in Car Jack Streets. Many of them will be given out by a mob member. And you will only have one chance per day to complete. Mob missions are varied, and range from a multipart bank job to stealing a car. Besides these story missions, there are also special missions. These are always the same. 

List of special missions and locations

 Kirk's Autos- Grand Theft Auto: You must steal cars from outside the docks area (where Kirk is located), then you must bring them to him in good condition.
He will accept most cars, but will turn down buses and police cars because he can't resell them. Bringing a damaged car will lower the price unless it is too damaged, then he will refuse to take the car. Bringing multiple car models of the same type will lower the amount of money he gives you for each one, this resets each day. Note: This is the ONLY mission that will not end. You can keep bringing cars to Kirk. 
All of the missions below can only be attempted once per day.
Da Vinci Pizza- Pizza Delivery:
Da Vinci will let you deliver pizzas for him. You can use whatever car you want. You must deliver the pizza before time runs out. If you fail, you cannot try again until the next day
Fat Bob's Taxi Co.- Taxi Service:  
Fat Bob will let you drive one of his taxis. You must pick up passengers and drop them off at their locations before time runs out. 
Shed 7-  Hazardous material delivery:
Jim Bob (Not to be confused with Fat Bob) needs you to deliver some illegal chemicals. You must get to the location without the vehicle being destroyed.
City Hall- Security Guard:  
Dave needs you to keep watch outside of City Hall to keep mobsters out. If one of them gets in you fail the mission. There will also be civilians that will try to get in. You cannot kill them.
The Marina- Bus Driver
You will have to drive a bus and follow the route, you must pick up passengers and follow the complete route 3 times before time runs out.
City Hospital- Ambulance Driver
Go and pick up injured people and bring them back to the hospital before they die. You must drive the ambulance for this mission. 
Chad's Raceway- Time Trial
 Chad needs you to test out one of his new cars in a time trial. You must complete 3 laps before time runs out. 
Postal Mission- Random weapon pickups
When you pick up a weapon, sometimes you will be told to "Go Postal" and kill a number of people before time runs out.
Hunting Mission- Randomly given out
Sometimes a character will have you take out a certain number of things, this can range from taking out 5 micro cars to killing 10 clowns.

List of vehicles

Firebrand- Lamborghini type sports car, fast and has high value at Kirk's
Locust-  Sports car similar to the firebrand, high speed and sell value
Luxas-  Luxury car, has a high value and a decent speed
Sudan-  Car driven by mobsters. Cannot be stolen unless they get out to attack you
Sportster- Smaller sports car, slower and worth less than the other two sports cars, but easier to handle
Half the size of a normal car. Very fast and hard to control
Tourass-  Typical station wagon.
Typical SUV, average speed and low value
Pickup-  Truck, slow and has low value
Eco- Hybrid car. Decent control, average speed
Sand Rover- Land Rover type vehicle. Average stats
Firetruck- Big and slow
Big and slow, used on the Bus Driver Mission
Prison Bus-
Same as the bus
Slower than the bus, used in the hazardous materials mission.
Street Sweeper, slow and useless. 
Taxi- Average speed and handling, used in the Taxi Missions
Cop Car- Good speed and nice handling
Ambulance- Somewhat fast, hard to control. Used in the Ambulance missions

Special Vehicles

Black Knight- An homage to KITT, the car made famous in Knight Rider, can be found around Jack City
Clown Mobile- Unlocked after earning $100000. Same feeling as the SUV 
Band Van- Unlocked after earning $250000. Decorated with flames and a cowskull graphic, decent speed, horrible handling
General Lee- Yes, THE General Lee, of Dukes of Hazzard fame. Controls very well, high speed, unlocked after earning $500000
Sports Utility Tank- Can be bought for $10,000 from Marto, can fire shells that have the same attributes as the rocket launcher. Slow, but destroys all vehicles it runs into
Chopper- Can be bought for $5,000 from Marto, can fly over the map, the chopper cannot run into anything, but has a fuel gauge, when it runs out, you land and cannot fly it again, can be refueled.


Randal Meyers- The main character of the game. He is trying to pay back his gambling debt to the mob.
Uncle Murphy- Randal's only friend, helps him find job opportunities
Dr. McCoy- Head of the hospital, gives you work as an ambulance driver and patches you up when you die  
Duffy- One of the mob members, does a lot of the dirty work.
Sgt. Bent- Policeman and head of the Jail, highly susceptible to bribes.
Dave- One of the bureaucrats at city hall, offers the Security Guard missions
Jim Bob- Transfers a lot of illegal materials, gives the Hazardous Materials mission.
Doyle- A shady figure, does a lot of work for the mob. Gives you odd jobs.
Da Vinci- Owner of the Pizzeria, lost his last driver in an "accident." Gives you pizza missions.
Fat Bob- Owner of the Taxi Company, gives you taxi missions.
Marto- Bulgarian dealer, is able to get a hold of bizarre vehicles. Such as the tank.
Paddy- Has a lot of dirty jobs, mostly car theft.  
Kirk- Runs the chop shop, will take most cars as long as he can sell them.
Father O'Malley- The DJ of the hiphop radio station.


There are 10 different achievements in this game, each has 3 levels. Punk, Thug, and Pro. Each time you complete one, you will earn money.
Top Gun- Achieve this by killing people with weapons
Car Jack- Steal a bunch of cars to get this one.
Gang Bang- Completed by killing many mob members
Career- This is achieved by having a lot of play time
Hot Wheels- For delivering a lot of cars to Kirk
Obesity- Complete a lot of successful pizza deliveries.
Illegal License- For completing a lot of Taxi Missions
Keanu- Complete many bus routes. A reference to the movie Speed, which starred Keanu Reeves.
Road Kill- For killing people with vehicles, the tank cannon doesn't count.
Donut King- for pulling a 360 drift after a brake.

Radio Stations

Each car has a set radio station where you can listen to songs in the game. All of the songs are from various independent artists.  You cannot change your station once in a car, they are tied to that car, for example, the Pickup will have country music  You can get out and back in a car quickly to change the song.

Stations and the songs played on them


Bang- Kyoshi
London Sky- The Amateurs 
Nothin' Will- Laurelyn Carter

Country Station (Compact Bob)

I Went Falling- Laurelyn Carter 
Every Little Piece- Laurelyn Carter
I Like Talking- Laurelyn Carter
All About the Money- Butch Baker

Beat 101

My Red Shirt- Red Shirt Theory
Catwalk- M4rt3z

Rock Station

Speechless- Sludge
Lo Fat- Soma High
Red Chapter- The Officers
Riot- The Snowbyrds
It Matters- Not My Day

92.7 FM (Hip Hop)

AI- Atom tha Immortal
Palenque- Atom tha Immortal
Organizate- Atom tha Immortal 
The Essential- Atom tha Immortal

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