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Caravan is a popular card game in the Majave Wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas. Various NPCs will play the game with the Courier. It is not played in the casinos on the strip as they consider the game too slow paced and unfair due to the player being able to form their own custom deck. The deck must contain at least 30 cards in order to play. The NPC Ringo will give the Courier a starter deck and a tutorial in Caravan. If his quest is already completed, he can be found at the Crimson Caravan.


The objective of the game is to have a "bigger" caravan than your opponent. To win, the player must have the most stacks or "caravans" with the higher number. There are three stacks per side. Winning numbers range from 21-26. Lower than 21 will not result in a win, and higher than 26 results in a bust.


A strong strategy consists of filling your deck with as many 7s, 9s, and 10s as possible. Once the game begins, discard every card except for the 7s, 9s and 10s on your first turn, Start with at least three 7s or three 10s in order to start the caravan. Play either a 7 or a 10 on each black spot, then play a 9 on each spot on top of the 7 or 10, then play either a 7 or 10, whichever is needed to make the carvan equal to 26. This should give you three caravans equal to 26, which is almost a guaranteed win depending on who you are playing against.

Cards Values and functions

  • Ace = 1
  • Numbered card = listed value (i.e., 2-10)

Both simply add the value to the selected caravan.

Special Cards

  • Face cards and jokers have special functions
  • Jack: removes the card it's played on from the table, as well as an other face cards it's played on.
  • Queen: Reverses Direction of the current hand and changes suit.
  • King: Doubles the value of card it's played on. Ie: 5 becomes 10. Multiple kings can be layed on one card. Ie. 5 king king=20
  • Joker:
  • Jokers function changes depending if it is played on an ace or a numbered card.
  • Joker played on ace: Will remove all numbered cards of the Aces suit from the table. For example if a joker is played on the ace of hearts all hearts 2-10 will be removed.
  • Joker played on numbered card: Joker played on a number card will remove all of the same card from the table. For example a joker played on a 5 will remove all other 5s from the table.

List of NPCs that play Caravan

Character Name:Location:
Cliff BriscoeDino Bite Gift Shop
Dale BartonThe Fort
Dennis CrockerNCR Embassy

Gun Runners Shop

Jake ErwinNCR Embassy
Johnson NashPrimm
JulesNorth Vegas Square

Aerotech Office Park Suite 2000

LaceyMojave Outpost
Little Buster

Camp McCarran

MayesCamp Forlorn Hope
RingoGoodsprings/Crimson Caravan Camp

Dennis Crocker and No-Bark will bet over 1000 caps, making them good choices to play if you desire high winnings.

It should also be noted that Cliff, Dale, Johnson, Lacey, and Mayes are all merchants so it is possible to buy supplies from them for caps and then win your caps back.


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