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    Care Package

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    The Care Package is a killstreak reward in the Call of Duty franchise.

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    The Care Package is an air-drop Killstreak Reward in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Call of Duty: Black Ops. It airdrops a random killstreak or ammunition. Anything can come from the Care Package, except for Modern Warfare 2's 'Tactical Nuke', which is earned at 25 Kills, and ends the game. In Modern Warfare 2, the Care Package is dropped by a Little Bird helicopter, whereas it is dropped by a Chinook in Black Ops.

    It is possible to shoot down the aircraft that happen to be dropping Care Packages assuming the player uses an anti-air launcher such as the Stinger or Strela-3. There is no reward for shooting the chopper down in Modern Warfare 2, but the player is rewarded for shooting it down in Black Ops. Taking down the Little Bird is notoriously difficult among players due to the small size of the aircraft, and the speed it moves at.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    In Modern Warfare 2 the Care Package is a killstreak reward that can be earned by the player by getting 4 kills (3 with Hardline). The Care Package is a crate that is dropped in by a helicopter to a spot designated by the player by dropping a can that emits red smoke. In the crate will be a random killstreak reward or a re-fill on ammo. The Care Package can contain any killstreak except for the Tactical Nuke. The player can also be killed by the Care Package dropping on top of them.

    Due to some exploits used by players, it is possible (through externally hacking the game) to alter the percentages of a drop. Some players use this to constantly bombard the enemy team with choppers and air support, but others choose to use it to illegitimately earn a Tactical Nuke. Lobbies such as this are hacked to allow this to happen, so it is inadvisable to play in them due to the potential for other modifications to be running in the game.

    Drop percentages:

    • Ammo - 14.78%
    • UAV - 14.78%
    • Counter UAV - 13.04%
    • Sentry Gun - 10.43%
    • Predator Missile - 10.43%
    • Precision Airstrike - 9.57%
    • Harrier Airstrike - 6.09%
    • Attack Helicopter - 6.09%
    • Pave Low - 4.35%
    • Stealth Bomber - 4.35%
    • Chopper Gunner - 2.61%
    • AC-130 - 2.61%
    • EMP - 0.87%

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    In Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Care Package returns as a Killstreak Reward. To earn, the player needs to earn 5 kills, or 4 when using the Hardline perk. The Care Package is brought into the map by a Chinook aircraft, which moves more slowly than the Little Bird. It can also be shot down, and shooting the aircraft down causes the Care Package to be flung to a different location, which may be crawling with enemies.

    Should a player have earned the Hacker Pro perk, they will be able to sabotage enemy care packages. To do this, they must capture and rig the package, before an enemy attempts to collect the reward in the package. Upon collecting the reward, the package makes a beep noise before exploding. Using the Hardline Pro perk also allows a player to 're-roll' his care package, changing the reward contained.

    Re-rolling was also possible with the SAM Turret and Sentry Gun in the past, though a patch released by Treyarch disabled this ability after a large number of players objected to the amount of air support that this could allow a team to earn. Re-rolling could drastically change the percentage of earning a higher reward, and some organised groups of players used this to effectively dominate a match.

    Drop Percentages before re-rollDrop percentages after re-roll
    • Ammo - 20.00%
    • Spy Plane - 16.00%
    • Counter Spy Plane - 16.00%
    • RC-XD - 9.00%
    • Valkyrie Rockets - 5.00%
    • Mortar Team - 5.00%
    • Sentry Gun - 5.00%
    • SAM Turret - 5.00%
    • Rolling Thunder - 3.00%
    • Grim Reaper - 3.00%
    • Napalm Strike - 3.00%
    • Blackbird - 3.00%
    • Attack Helicopter - 3.00%
    • Death Machine - 2.00%
    • Chopper Gunner - 1.00%
    • Attack Dogs - 1.00%
    • Gunship - 1.00%
    • Ammo - 9.00%
    • Spy Plane - 9.00%
    • Counter Spy Plane - 9.00%
    • RC-XD - 9.00%
    • Valkyrie Rockets - 9.00%
    • Mortar Team -9.00%
    • Sentry Gun - 9.00%
    • SAM Turret - 9.00%
    • Rolling Thunder - 4.00%
    • Grim Reaper - 4.00%
    • Napalm Strike - 4.00%
    • Blackbird - 4.00%
    • Attack Helicopter - 4.00%
    • Death Machine - 3.00%
    • Chopper Gunner - 3.00%
    • Attack Dogs - 1.00%
    • Gunship - 1.00%

    Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    The care package makes it return in the sequel to Black Ops and requires a scorestreak of 550 points. It unlocks at level 7.


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