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A hull-tearing good time

Imagine a puzzle platformer that makes you forget which way is down, much like the classic Descent. Add a pinch of rogue-like procedural seeding, a dash of zero-g drifting, and a cup full of memories to warm you in the coldness of space.

You'll be whistling to the radio in your homey little space crate one moment, then running from packs of monsters the next, hoping to cut through the hull just in time to watch them flail helplessly into space. You can engage them directly if you can manage your ammo, or creatively blow up sections of the ships.

Your goal is to raid and loot cargo ships which you have magnetized to your own before an eventual wormhole collapses each section. If a cargo ship crumbles around you as it drifts away from the cluster, you enter zero G and start losing oxygen. A small icon lets you know the general direction to drift home. The amount of time before your oxygen level begins eating into your health never feels unfair. The sense of tension as you race back through collapsing ships with creatures and loot spiraling into the void can be exhilarating, and gives your home base a comforting identity.

I have a love for games which can do random generated levels right, and this is one of them. The mechanics are simple and the possibilities are boundless. I have encountered crashes during the post game tally screens, but have read this is due to a recent patch, which i am sure will be corrected in the near future. It is well worth the 10 dollar price tag.

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