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    Jacking is the act of taking control of a vehicle that is not under the player's rightful or original possession, and may or may not have been taken out of another player's or NPC's possession.

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    Grand Theft Auto is an important concept that is present in many games... Such as Grand Theft Auto. The key purpose of commition grand theft auto is to steal a car, helicopter, motorcycle, boat, basically anything with an engine and use it for yourself. Of course it wouldn't be GTA if you didn't steal it. Grand Theft Auto is in fact a crime and in most games you will be chased at by the cops. Which is half the fun right? Grand Theft Auto is prevalent in some games and one of the main reasons is you have places to go but you don't have a vehicle to call your own. There are different types of GTA of course there is the:

    1. "No ones looking approach"
    This approach is one of the safest ways to illegally obtain a vehicle since no one is actually in the vehicle when you commit the crime. This may get a couple of stares and the occasional scream but other than that the chances aren't high that the police will catch on. This is also best done went the cops are not in hot pursuit of you since the point of this approach is to not be caught by the cops. 

    2.  "Please step out of the car approach"
    This one is similar to the previous approach except that someone is in the car this time. This approach is found in Grand Theft Auto IV when you point a gun at someone while they are still in the car. This approach is useful when you can't find any empty cars in the nearby vicinity, and you don't have enough patience to run another block or two to find one. This approach isn't as safe as the previous approach since a cop has more time to notice you pointing the desert eagle into someone's face, not to mention the owner of the vehicle screaming that he's being robbed. But if you get the car and no cops see it you are fine.

    3. "Get the F*** out or I blow your head off approach"
    This approach is used usually when the cops are on your tail and you need to find a ride fast. This one would normally alert any nearby cops since your opening the car and pushing, shooting, karate-chopping the guy out of the car and onto the streets. This is however, one of the quickest ways to obtain a vehicle. The cops are on to you and you need a car plain and simple. You can also do this with the cops not on you but it probably will send a few coming after you.

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