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    Carlos is the Saint that helps break you out of prison in the beginning of Saints Row 2. His brother joined the Saints back when your character did in the first Saints Row.

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    Carlos is a young man that for reasons unknown, is in the prison island of Stilwater . He gets shanked and brought into the prison infirmary, right next to the Boss. This occurs right before the bandages are taken of. Eventually the doctor and two guards leave and Carlos tries to help him. He explains that he got shanked on purpose in order to break him out and that his brother was in the 3rd Street Saints back in the day. At this time he also hints at that fact that the Saints are no more.

    When they do escape the island by boat, Carlos passes by the new Saints Row and explains the circumstances with the Ultor Corporation taking over it and soon Stilwater. Once the Boss gets back in touch with Johnny Gat, and begins to bring back the Saints, he approaches Carlos as a new lieutenant. Carlos, along with fellow lieutenants Shaundi and Pierce, are all given tasks to help the Saints take back Stilwater. Carlos is assigned to come up with plans to take out the Brotherhood, one of the three new gangs that rule the city.

    After the Boss causes a little toomuch mayhem with the Brotherhood, he confronts Carlos on a subway. They talk about how Carlos is still inexperienced and his lack of information on the Brotherhood. Before the Boss leaves, he tells him "Carlos don't worry, I'm gonna make a banger out of you if it kills me."

    Carlos in the Stilwater penitentiary
    Carlos in the Stilwater penitentiary

    The Boss eventually gets toxic waste mixed in to Matt's ink, thus burning Maero's face. In retaliation, Maero's girlfriend Jessica kidnaps Carlos and has him chained to the back of a pickup truck. He is then dragged through the docks of Stilwater and the Boss is forced to come to the rescue. When the Boss eventually kills the drivers of the truck, he rushes to Carlos. Carlos is all torn up and in terrible agony, and when the Boss is unable to break him free, the Boss is forced to shoot Carlos in the head in order to put him out of his misery.


    • Carlos is voiced by Joe Camareno, who actually did the voices of random NPCs in the first Saints Row such as Los Carnales members.
    • Like Lin in the firs Saints Row, Carlos can be added as a zombie homie after his death. Just call "Eye for an Eye" (555-5966). He has a hole through the head were he was shot! Unlike Zombie Lin, who only used melee attacks and was therefore useless in a firefight, Zombie Carlos is smart enough to pick up and use guns.
    • Also like Lin from the original game, due to the fact that the player can do a mission from all three gangs at any time, it is possible for the player to experience Carlos' death before ever taking on one of the other gangs. Because of this, Carlos is conspicuously absent from the Ronin and Sons of Samedi campaigns. However, while Lin was an undercover spy and wouldn't have been involved with the other gangs anyway, Carlos is a major lieutenant, and if he is not dead yet, there is no explanation for his absence.

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