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Carmen Ortiz
Carmen Ortiz
Carmen Ortiz is one of the datable women Niko Bellic meets in Liberty City. Niko can date her by finding her under the alias "SoBoHoe" at 

Carmen is a nurse, though her life ambition is to be a television host. She lives in an apartment in Bohan, but would rather live in Algonquin, probably because that is where the most vibrant night life is. Carmen is probably the oddest person Niko can date - she frequently speaks of herself in a third-person sense and is constantly comparing herself to other women. She is the former girlfriend of Luis Lopez among other characters.


The following is general information on what Carmen prefers during dates:

  • Carmen likes expensive clothing, such as that found at Modo or Perseus.
  • Carmen expects Niko to be wearing a different clothing combination every time she sees him.
  • Carmen likes any car which would be considered expensive - luxury, sports, and coupes all make her happy.
  • Carmen doesn't mind going to bars and strip clubs unlike other potential girlfriends.

Relationship Benefits

Once your relationship level gets high enough, Niko gains the ability to call Carmen for a quick health boost.


  • It is hinted throughout the game that Carmen may possibly be bisexual. Two clues to this are the facts that Carmen does not mind going to strip clubs with Niko and that her sexuality is listed as "free spirit" instead of "straight" on
  • Carmen can be seen dancing with Elizabeta Torres in the cutscene for the mission "Blow Your Cover".

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