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    Carnival Card

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    The currency of Mario Party 8. This is also used to buy various prizes in the Star Carnival's Fun Bazaar. You earn them by playing in the 4 tents.

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    Carnival Cards are special cards that can be won or spent in Mario Party 8. You'll earn and spend them by playing in the Star Carnival. Each time you play a game mode, then you'll earn them based on what game type you're playing. Here's how it breaks down and how it scores:


    Party Tent
    • Battle Royale/Tag Battle: Double the number of turns played.
    • Duel Battle: 20

    Star Battle Arena

    • Completed Game : 200

    Minigame Tent

    • Minigames: 1 Each
    • Test for the Best: 10-30

    Extras Zone
    • Minigames: 1 each
    This chart shows how much you'll receive in the game. 
     Party Tent Battle Royale/Tag Battle Double the number of turns you played in a game from 10-50
     Party Tent Duel Battle 20
     Minigame Tent Any game mode 1 per minigame
     Minigame Tent Test for the Best 10-30
     Star Battle Arena Story Mode/Solo Mode 200 for a completed game
     Extras Zone Extra Mode 1 per minigame

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