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    Carrie Gouskos

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    Carrie Gouskos is a former Quality Assurance Analyst for Acclaim, journalist for GameSpot, and director at EA Mythic. She is currently an Executive Producer at Bungie working on their next non-Destiny project.

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    Former programmer, journalist, and mohawk-wearer, Carrie Gouskos is currently an Executive Producer at Bungie.

    She was formerly the Franchise Producer for Mythic's MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. She was personally responsible for development of the game's unique "Tome of Knowledge," a dynamic in-game encyclopedia that fills in details about the franchise's deep backstory and offers hundreds of extra bonus challenges to supplement how people play the game. In February 2010, she was promoted from her former position of Content Producer to Franchise Producer where she helped guide the long-term development of the Warhammer property.

    According to Jason Schreier's book, Press Reset, Carrie was the last employee at Mythic following its closure by EA. Leading up to the closure she was working as Director of Studio Operations. Once the majority of the staff were laid-off she remained for a few months to oversee the shutting down of the office.

    "I was the last person," said Gouskos. "There's a picture of me leaving the office. I turned the lights off, and walked off, and nobody walked into Mythic again."

    Prior to Mythic, Carrie worked as a QA analyst for Acclaim Entertainment on games such as South Park Rally, until the developer folded in 2004. She then took a job reviewing games for mobile phones and PDAs. When the small online publication that she was working for at the time was absorbed by in 2005, Carrie quickly rose to become one of the site's most popular on-air personalities. She even earned the opportunity to write and star in a special episode of G4TV's Cinematech dedicated to gaming's strong female protagonists which aired on August 24th, 2005.


    • In addition to her preference for Japanese-style RPGs and character action games such as Ninja Gaiden, Carrie is a voracious reader and an avid fan of the opera.
    • In the past, Carrie has denounced the way "Gamer Chicks" and female player clans segment competition between different sexes, insisting that players should just seek out the best competition regardless of gender.

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