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    Carrington Institute: Defense

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    A fictional institute owned by Daniel Carrington that appears in the Perfect Dark game.

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    The Carrington Institute was founded by Daniel Carrington in 1978 after the death of his father in an auto-mobile accident.  Following the accident Daniel Carrington split his fathers company;  "Secure Development International"; and the Carrington Institute was born of the research and development side.  His mother; Dr. Sara Carrington; continued operating SDI. 
    The Institute still operates as a scientific research center, and many great inventions have been created here; most notably the null-g technology used to power the worlds hover-vehicles which Daniel Carrington himself invented. 
    It is from the Carrington Institute that first contact with the Maian race occurred and now is the sole point of communication.  The Maians have been working with the Institute to release their technology to the public domain, in order to benefit all of mankind.
    The Institute is also used to train it's own Special Agents, including Joanna Dark.  It is used to launch many covert operations, including watching and overseeing other rival companies for potential risks.  
    The Carrington Institute, although originally a single building for Carringtons operations, now has branches in London, Seattle, Los Angeles, Moscow, Milan, Chicago, Barelona and Vancouver.
    In the game, the Carrington Institute is playable as a central training hub where players can participate in gameplay and weapons training for unlockable weapons which can be used in the game. 
    During one of the later levels ( Mission 7: Carrington Institute - Defence) the Carrington Institute is invaded by the Skedar, and Joanna has to re-enable the autogun defence system and destroy sensitive information before the Skedar get it.  At the end of the level Joanna is knocked unconscious by one of the Skedar and abducted.  The mission briefing screen at the end, instead of showing the green "Mission: Completed" or red "Mission: Failed", gives a grey "Agent Status: Missing" screen, and is the only level in the game in which this occurs. 
    Perfect Dark uses a special system where the players actions in certain levels will affect certain aspects of later levels.  In the case of Mission 4.3: Area 51 - Escape, if the level is completed by Joanna telling Jonathan to leave with Elvis while she escapes on the hoverbike, in the Carrington Institute Jonathan will help defend Joanna while she attempts to accomplish the objective of "Destroy Sensitive Data".


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