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    Cars With No Drivers

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    Many games sport magic cars that drive all by themselves. This is most likely done in order to keep a low rating or for other reasons.

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    In video games, cars drive themselves. Many games in which you spend most of your time driving a car don't actually have a driver in it. This happens for many reasons. 

    To stick with the fiction

    If Optimus Prime had a driver, would it still be Optimus Prime ? 
    Games sometimes star cars as characters. They may seem to be cars but in the game's universe (especially in Cars) they're living breathing characters. The car drives itself so what would be the point of having a driver ? 

    To keep the rating down

    Some games have very extreme crashes, like in Burnout Paradise. If the car had a driver, he'd probably be ejected from said car and suffer a horrible death. This would mean the game would probably get an M rating, limiting the range of people who may buy the product. Not putting in a driver allows the game to stay kid friendly and lets certain companies that must keep a family friendly image ((like Disney) make intense racing games with crazy crashes (Split/Second). 

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