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Critical Reception

Game Informer gave the review scores of 8 and 6.75 out of 10. Matt Kato, who gave the higher score wrote, "...CART does a great job of mixing extremes and racing fundamentals at super high speeds. Crashes are awesome spectacles of spinning car chunks and the environments are chock full of sights... Mini-games add a little replay to your season but I also suggest changing the difficulty if it is too easy".

Matt Helgeson wrote, "...As an enhanced port of the successful arcade unit, CART Fury is essentially a throwback to venerable old franchises like Daytona and Pole Postion...".

Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the review scores of 6.5, 6.0 and 6.0 out of ten. Dean Hager, who gave the higher score, wrote, "...In general CART Fury is a decent game but doesn't quite turn the corner to greatness. Maybe if the track were more dynamic with hills and valleys (c'mon, it's arcadey anyway) and featured more interesting shortcuts, or if there were more turbo boost power-ups...".

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