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I was just listening to the most recent Idle Thumbs episode (Lacks Restraint) and they spent a while talking about how good this game is. Has anyone else played it? Got any good stories to share?

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It's free, just play it yourself.
I downloaded it after the podcast. I think I must've slept at the wrong time or something, cos it was pretty interesting until I woke up the next day and everything was shut for 20 minutes so I couldn't do anything. I stopped playing but I'll give it another try soon.

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@I_smell: I will do, don't have a PC until this weekend so I have to live vicariously through other people until then.

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I'm downloading it this very minute. Five dollars for the complete version, if its an eighth as interesting as Idle Thumbs made it sound, will be well worth it.

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Yea can't wait to download tonight after work. I love that tumbs are back they introduce me to so many games I've never heard of. I love the Bombcast and the guys here but I find my tastes line up more with thumbs.

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Downloaded it tonight and enjoyed the hour and a half I played of it. It does need a bit too much brain function for me to play it when tired, though.

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This game is pretty great, though it can be frustrating at times figuring out how to do certain things. The bagel guy came to me on Day 5 and offered to switch permits with me, I accepted his offer but now I have no idea how to move my cart to the new corner I'm supposed to be on. Bagel Guy said I should talk to someone named Anne Alice but I have no clue who that is. I figured my cart would just automatically move to my new spot the next day, but nope. So now I have a save game where my cart is parked in a spot I'm not legally allowed to operate in, and also Bagel Guy is there now stealing all my customers away. It's a hard knock cart life for me.

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Yeah, I tried it. I didn't understand all the systems. Seems very complex, but I'll give it another try. The thumbs really hyped it up to the Nth degree though.

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Downloaded it a few days ago after listening to the episode. So far I've only played a few days as Andrus but I'm really enjoying it. The vague feeling you get trying to discover each part of town along with the stress of trying to make enough money just   to perform simple tasks like eating and getting cigarettes really interests me. It's a shame that I've gotten into a routine of playing a game for a few days and then wondering if I could have done anything different to try and make more money. I then restart and try again, only to repeat the cycle an hour later. Think I'll sit down and try a full game tonight or tomorrow and play through it, no matter what happens.   



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@The_Deuteragonist: Yeah, played some more today and I figured it all out eventually. Turns out I couldn't afford to move my cart, so I just kept selling my wares on the first street you start on, right alongside Bagel Guy. And if I saw the cop coming I would just shut the cart down until he left. Managed to get by long enough that way to pay the rent. I was disappointed (but not all that surprised) to discover that...

Andrus's game ends after seven days. I assume so long as you can pay your rent, you don't lose your cart, and your cat doesn't die, that's enough for the game to declare you victorious. I was hoping it would continue on, but I guess you have to buy the game, which is only fair. I'm gonna play Melanie next, and if her story is just as good, I may have to cough up the five bucks, I really enjoyed my time with Andrus.
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Playing as Melanie, where do I go to get my cart and pick up Julie? This game might as well be in another language for how totally impenetrable it is to me. (Also the font is kind of awful and almost unreadable.)

Never mind, I figured it out. I've started to just play this game by save scumming because it feels like the only viable way to do so :P

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