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    Carter Blake

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    Lieutenant Blake is in charge of the "Origami Killer" case, and must work alongside FBI agent Norman Jayden to catch this serial killer.

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    Carter Blake isn't above bending the rules to save lives, however throughout the game it becomes more and more apparent his desire for catching the Oragami Killer defies reason. He is seen as more of the bad cop in the good cop bad cop routine. He beats and harasses people for information.  Whether it is for his own personal gain or a need to assuage the constant harassment of the media and the public, he exhibits a very narrow-sighted view of the investigation 
    He is also infamously known for overreacting especially during an earlier scene with FBI profiler Norman Jayden where no matter what the player answers (calm or aggressive) Blake jumps out of his chair and yells "Fucking asshole"!
    His relationship with Norman appears to be hostile due to the latter not liking his methods and feeling that the FBI doesn't need to be in the case. The only good relationships Blake only have are Captain Perry, Ash, Grace Mars, and Scott Shelby.


    If he kills Ethan while Norman is still alive, Blake, along with Perry, gets suspended.
    In "Uploaded" ending, Blake puts on Norman's ARI sunglasses, sending him to the virtual world. He enjoys of it at first until Norman appears, much to his shock. This implies that Blake is suffering from the effects of the glasses and will be haunted by Norman even without them on.

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