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    Carus Brom

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    Colonel Carus Brom is the commanding officer of the Tartarus 37th Imperial Guard Regiment. He is joined by the Blood Ravens chapter of Space Marines to defend Tartarus from an Ork invasion.

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    Colonel Carus Brom was the steadfast commander of the Tartarus 37th Imperial Guard Regiment. A staunch servant of the Imperium and the Emperor, his life, and the lives of his men, is to be used to further the will of the Emperor, even unto death.

    Tartarus was the subjct of an Ork Waagh led by Ork Warboss Orkamungus. Leading his meager forces as best he could, Colonel Brom led a suicidial defense of the planet's key cities, relieved only at the last moment by Space Marines.

    Offering his services to the Space Marine's Force Commander, Captain Gabriel Angelos Colonel Brom could not have known that the Orks were only the beginning of the planet's worries. The ruinous powers of Chaos and the mysterious Eldar would turn Tartarus into a battlefield. The armies of the Imperium would fight in vain to win back Tartarus as a warp storm approached.


    Carus Brom Quotes:

    • "Hold the line! In the name of the Emperor you will not falter!"

    •  "You will fight or you will die."

    •  "I am honoured to be in the presence of a Librarian. I wish to know how my men can better serve you."

    Voice Actor:

    Mark Oliver

    Hold the Line (Spoilers Below)


    An Ork Waagh falls upon the Planet Tartarus, and the Tartarus 37th mobilize to defend the besieged planet. Colonel Carus Brom forms a defensive line to stop the green tide. The ferocity and speed of the Orks attack overwhelms the Imperial Guardsmen and their moral faltered.

    As the Tartarus line buckles, the crash of drop pods brings hope to the citizens of Tararus. The mighty Space Marines arrive and crush the Ork offensive. Captain Gabriel Angelos and the 3rd Company of the Blood Ravens make planet fall on Tartarus to purge the Xenos threat to the Imperial Planet.


    When the Blood Ravens arrived to aid the overwhelmed Imperial Guard, Colonel Brom could feel only one emotion besides awe, and that was shame. His men had turned their backs on the Orks, and retreated from the Emperor’s enemies. Captain Angelos offered praise for Brom’s bravery, and left the discipline of the Tartarus 37th to the Colonel. Captain Angelos ordered Colonel Brom and his men to remain in a defensive posture while the Blood Ravens ran their operations.

    During the defense of Magna Bomun, Tartarus’ capitol city, Captian Gabriel Angelos ordered Colonel Brom to concentrate his men into the city. The defensive of Magna Bomun was a success and the Orks were ousted from the city limits.


    The Ork’s leader, Warboss Orkamungus, was successfully killed by the Blood Raven’s offensive efforts. However, the crisis on Tartarus was far from over. An Inquisitor from the Ordo Malleus, Mordecai Toth, brought news of a warp storm heading for the planet.

    By Inquisitoral edict Toth took command of the Imperial Guard. Colonel Brom and his men were tasked with escorting the Imperial citizens to the space ports, and executing a planet wide evacuation. It was difficult work, because although the Ork Warboss was dead, the Orks still were gaining momentum in their attack on the planet.


    It was discovered that the forces of Chaos were at work on the planet. As the conflict on Tartarus heightened Imperial citizens and Imperial Guardsmen began to go mad. They turned on those that were loyal to the Emperor. As the warp storm approached the planet wide hysteria tool hold on the populous.

    The Imperial citizens that were evacuated off world by Colonel Brom’s men were truly fortunate. The crisis on Tartarus left the planet and its cities decimated and tainted.

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