Cassandra Murata

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    Cassandra is an orphan that possesses strange powers. She travels with her brother Oni in an attempt to discover who they are.

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    Cassandra grew up in an orphanage. There she met Oni Inomura and the two became close. They realized that they both possess strange powers and see each other as siblings. They were forced to leave the orphanage after Oni burned it down. After leaving the orphanage they begin to travel. 
    During their travels, Oni is compelled to fight. It is an urge that he cannot ignore. During one of these fights, Oni is severely wounded, leaving Cassandra to find help for him.

    With Oni wounded, Cassandra seeks out Elias Patrick for help. Elias quickly notices the strange energy that both possess. They agree to travel together, but their time together does not last. One night, Elias noticed Oni assaulting Cassandra in order to satisfy his hunger for battle. They were forced to flee, continuing on their journey by themselves once more.

    Story Ending

    In Oni and Cassandra’s ending, Oni is able to defeat Johan. He promises Cassandra that he will help her find a way to be free from her curse.


    Unlike Oni, Cassandra harnesses angelic power to power her attacks. This often represents itself as white and blue energy. The source of this power is unknown.

     During their travels with Elias, Elias noticed that Cassandra may be autistic. He attempted to help her with this and her shy disposition, but his efforts were cut short once the pair left.


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