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Games Included

Amstrad CPC

01. 3-D Maze26. Lunar Landing
02. Attacker27. Maze Eater
03. Backgammon28. Motorway
04. Colony Nine29. Nemesis IV
05. Craps30. Noughts & Crosses
06. Creepy Crawley31. Planets
07. Cyclones32. Play High/Low
08. Day At The Races33. Pontoon
09. Dragona Maze34. Rally 3OOO
10. Draughts35. Rats
11. Dungeon Adventure36. Royal Rescue
12. Dynamite37. Rush Hour Attack / Space Attack
13. Evasive Action38. Sitting Targe
14. Exchange39. Solit
15. Fantasy Land40. Space Base
16. Fighter Command41. Space Mission
17. Fireman Rescue42. Space Pod Rescue
18. Ghosts43. Space Ship
19. Handicap Golf44. Star Trek
20. Hangman45. The Kings Orb
21. High Rise46. Three Card Brag
22. Hopping Herbert47. Timebomb
23. Inferno48. Trucking
24. Intruder49. Whirly
25. Jet Flight50. Yamzee

Commodore 64

01. Maze Eater26. Overtake
02. Galactic Attack27. Sitting Target
03. Space Mission28. Smash the Windows
04. Lunar Lander29. Space Ship
05. Plasma Bolt30. Jet Flight
06. Startrek31. Phaser
07. Radar Landing32. Intruder
08. Attacker33. Inferno
09. Galactic Dog Fight34. Ghosts
10. Psion Attack35. Submarines
11. Ivasive Action36. Rocket Launch
12. Noughts & Crosses37. Planets Defender
13. Boggles38. Black Hole
14. Pontoon39. Dynamite
15. Ski Jump40. Do Your Sums
16. Hangman41. Derby Dash
17. Old Bones42. Space Search
18. Thin Ice43. Universe
19. Orbiter44. Rats
20. Motorway45. Tanker Rescue
21. Force Field46. Parachutist
22. Nim47. Jet Mobile
23. Tunnel Escape48. High Rise
24. Barrel Jump49. The Force
25. Cannonball Battle50. Exchange

ZX Spectrum

01. Muncher26. Laser
02. Ski Jump27. Alien
03. Basketball28. Cargo
04. Spectrum Cross (Frogger)29. The Race
05. Breakout30. The Skull
06. Crusher31. Orbit
07. Startrek32. Munch
08. Martian KO33. Bowls
09. Boggles34. Raiders
10. Alien Attack35. Field
11. Lunar Lander36. Dragon's Gold (Draggold)
12. Maze Eater37. Space Search
13. Microtrap38. Inferno
14. Motorway39. Nim
15. Labyrinth40. Voyager
16. Skittles41. Sketch Pad
17. Race Track42. Blitz
18. Ski Run43. Fishing Mission
19. Tanks44. Mystical Diamonds
20. Solar Ship45. Galaxy Defence
21. Ten Pins46. Cypher
22. Cars47. Jetmobile
23. Stomper48. Barrel Jump
24. Pinball49. Attacker
25. Cavern50. Space Mission

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