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She is a priestess of the religion of the Holy Dark Empire. She is also apparently Gotz Von Dark's daughter and is a master of fencing techniques and dark magic. 
Weight: 52kg 
Height: 167cm 
ProximityMove NameCommandDescription
 Close Rolling Heel Attack Up-forward, heavy attack Cassiopeia does a heel drop.
 Close Ice Wave Left, right, down, left, special Cassiopeia throws an icy projectile.
 Close Killer Gammet Up, down, left, right, special Cassiopeia divides in to multiple images and attacks. This moves her away from the opponent.
 Far Toe Upper Up-forward, heavy attack A flashy high kick.
 Far Ice Tornado Down, left, right, special Cassiopeia generates what appears to be a dragon made of ice and attacks the opponent.
 Far Lightning Pulsar half-circle forward beginning at the right, special Cassiopeia fires an energy projectile from the jewel in in her sword.
 Far Shadow Summon Rapidly press special Cassiopeia plunges her sword in to the ground and summons an evil spirit to attack the opponent.
 Far Fire Sword Charge right, left, special Cassiopeia fires a beam from her sword.
 Far Big Bang Ball Charge down, up, special Cassiopeia fires a large ball of demonic fire at her opponent.

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