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    Caster is a 3D third-person shooter with a focus on over-the-top abilities, intense action, and terrain deformation.

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    Heal the land for health bonuses.
    Heal the land for health bonuses.
    Caster is third-person shooter where the player controls an inexperienced hero. This hero descends from a rare lineage of people with extraordinary abilities that interact unusually with both the terrain and the plants that sprout from it. The player is employed by an organization to eliminate an incursion of beasts known as the Flanx, bug-like monsters that dwell in water, land, and air. The game can be purchased on Steam, or the Elecorn website for $4.99.


    At first, the player is relatively weak and fragile, but as he completes missions, earned points may be spent on a variety of unlockable upgrades, both passive and active.

    Base Abilities    

    • Shield - increases hit points
    • Pickup Distance - increases the radius that power ups are pulled toward the player
    • Dash - increases the duration that the player may sprint
    • Super Jump - increases the height and duration of the double jump

    Projectile Abilities

    • Blast - lobs a ball of energy that deals heavy damage to an area and lowers the terrain
    • Pulse - propels a small but powerful line of energy in a straight line
    • Seeker - fires multiple, enemy-seeking arcs of energy that deal light damage
    • Orbit - generates orbs of energy that shield the player and may be released towards a target
    • Stun - fires an arc of energy that auto-targets and stuns enemies
    • Eruptor - lobs a ball of energy that deals heavy damage to an area and raises the terrain

    2010 Update 

    • A new campaign. 
    • Modding capabilities.
    • A female player character. 
    • A new soundtrack.

    System Requirements

    Operating system: Windows XP, Vista 
    Processor: 800 MHz or better 
    RAM: 64 MB 
    Graphics: 16 MB Graphics Card (GeForce 2 or better) 
    Hard Drive: 32 MB Available Space 
    Sound: DirectX Compatible 
    Input: Xbox Controller supported 


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