Castle Crashers Premium Theme?

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I've never bought a theme before for the 360, NEVER.  But the update brings along themes that are far more interesting to me especially the sweet Castle Crashers Theme so I may buy it when I get my next stack of points this weekend.

I was wondering, have any of you guys bought this theme?  Is it worth the points?

Alternately is there some place I can look at screenshots of it?  It would be sweet if somebody would upload screenshots of it to Giant Bomb.  Maybe make an image gallery of the new themes for each game.  There's got to be a site out there that does that.
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Fantastic, exactly what I wanted +1 to you sir

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Shit. This makes me wish I had the NXE. I moved to a new house where Xbox LIVE became impossible due to our new, slower internet... the exact week the NXE comes out. Yay.

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