Castle Crashers Tournament of Champions (GOLDEN XBAWKZ)

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Apparently The Behemoth is celebrating 2 million downloads of Castle Crahsers, or whatever "players" means, by having a Castle Crahsers arena mode tournament with neat-o prizes including a gold Xbox, a Castle Crashers themed Xbox, and a shit load of squggable chickens. 
I'm thinking about trying it out just for kicks, especially since the arena mode doesn't take level into account. If it's anything like the 'Splosion Man contest though this is just going to turn into five hours of me trying and failing to accomplish something until I give up, cry, and then pretend like I never cared about it in the first place. 
But yeah, crashin' castles.

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When the fuck is BattleBlock Theater coming out.
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On xbawks D:

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