replay value

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#1 Posted by thomas10soa (112 posts) -

how long does this game last and does this game have a lot of replay value making you want to come back and play more?

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#2 Posted by ZombieHunterOG (3529 posts) -

well im not sure how long it takes considering me and my friend would stop and farm gold every time there was a cool new weapon in a shop however id say it has alot of replay value considering all the different characters and what not i have like 4 ones i play as already :P all made for different situations 

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#3 Posted by Rowr (5861 posts) -

Theres a bunch of characters to unlock and a bunch of collectibles to find.

I know i could happily finish this game a few more times in co-op.

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#4 Posted by logson (538 posts) -

It takes about 5 hours to play through.
It has plenty of replay value. Lot and lots of unlockable characters (as seen on the game's page,) and it get's crazy addictive thanks to its RPG elements.

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#5 Posted by Terrell (529 posts) -

I would have to say "Moderate" replay value. There are alot of things to unlock and secrets to find, but you have to continuously play the game over and Over and OVER.... which isn't a bad thing, but it isn't the best things either....

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#6 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

If you love leveling up then this game is full of replay value because you can level up each character and that would take a while.

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#7 Posted by TFG (69 posts) -

Took myself and three others a good 4-6 hours to play through the game. You just keep unlocking new characters every time you complete it, and that definitely extends the gameplay out. It definitely has a high replay value.

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#8 Posted by SolemnOaf (548 posts) -

i sure wish they would patch this game.  I really like it, great music, good gameplay, it's really a fun little game but it's still unplayable online a month after release.  Tried playing it the other night after a Too Human marathon that lasted about 3 weeks, figured it would have been fixed, but it isn't.  I'm really disappointed.  The excuse for it being slightly busted online was that the server was unprepared for the all the players, what's the excuse now?     

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#9 Posted by Jayge_ (10269 posts) -

There is definitely high-as-hell replay value for this game. Seriously.

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