The King Pack is Here!

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#1 Posted by marcusfriendly (117 posts) -

The long awaited DLC for Castle Crashers is finaly here and at only around 160 microsoft points(which is just $2). The King Pack will offer two new characters: an open faced Gray Kinght and The King,3 new weapons: Lollipop Gold Sword, and Kings Mace, 2 new animal orbs Peltor, and the Seal, and also new magic called Kings Healing. For only 2 dollars this is a great deal! Oh and it is also said(dont qute me) that there will be a Chainsaw in the DLC for those Gears Of  War Fans.

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#2 Posted by Jolly_Lolly (3593 posts) -

Yeah I played CC for the first time in months last night (the online co-op works great now!) and I see everyone has a new golden looking weapon.

I know two bucks isn't much, but for 2 characters and 3 new weapons (two of which I wont even use) it sounds a bit steep.

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#3 Posted by jollywhitegiant (60 posts) -

Has anyone picked this up yet? Any impressions?

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#4 Posted by ieatlions (749 posts) -

its alright a bit  steep but they don't get to pick the pricing and 2 dollars was as cheap as it goes

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#5 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

long awaited? theres a couple stupid new characters and the game wasn't very good to begin with.

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#6 Posted by ieatlions (749 posts) -
RedSox8933 said:
"long awaited? theres a couple stupid new characters and the game wasn't very good to begin with."
this game was amazing to begin with
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#7 Posted by tokyochicken (887 posts) -

Nice,I might need to get back into that game and now that the online has been patched apparently I see no reason why I shouldn't give the game another shot.

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#8 Posted by mugugipan (566 posts) -

I got both the game and the king's pack

I want to know, does the king's pack make things way too easy?
I am asking because it seems like it does.

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#9 Posted by BBQBram (2486 posts) -

Is this worth it for those who weren't avidly collecting weapons and animal orbs in the first place?

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#10 Posted by Sponge (37 posts) -

Got it when it came out. The King has some very different magic, you can heal yourself and any ally near you. The open-faced gray knight is pretty much just a different looking gray knight. The two new weapons are very good and one of them is level one and adds 6 strength. Makes the first couple levels insanely easy. If you like to play the game at all, the pack is worth it.

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