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    Castle in the Darkness

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 05, 2015

    A retro-themed 2D action game, inspired by sidescrollers like the early Castlevania games.

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    One night the kingdom of Alexandria is attacked by an evil sorcerer and his dark army. The Royal Guard fell one-by-one protecting their king and princess. A single knight awakens from unconsciousness to find the princess missing and a city overrun with monsters.


    The game is a 2D metroidvania platformer which involves the main character traversing in and around the Castle defeating monsters, and aiding Princess Isabelle in finding her missing father. The player has a health meter that is increased by defeating bosses and gaining hearts they drop à la The Legend of Zelda, which is necessary as the main character starts off with very little health.

    The player can also find throughout the game various swords, armours and magic abilities to boost his performance. The game is also considerably difficult, relying on precise platforming to avoid spikes, which are an instant death. the game also keeps track of your number of deaths.


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