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    Castle Mistmoore

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    Castle Mistmoore is home to the mysterious, dark elf vampire, Mayong Mistmoore, and his followers.

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    Castle Mistmoore
    Castle Mistmoore

    Castle Mistmoore is easily the most feared region of Faydwer. All of the continent's citizens have been warned to stay far away from the castle. Mayong Mistmoore's vampiric minions do not take kindly to visitors of any race, even dark elves such as themselves. The castle has been here since before the elves arrived from Tunaria (now Antonica) and before the dwarves first emerged from beneath the mountains. Legend has it that Mayong Mistmoore is a vampire lord over 10,000 years old, and some say he rivals even the gods in terms of power. None lucky enough to have returned from the castle have ever seen the lord himself. Portraits of a Teir'Dal nobleman are hung on the walls in the depths of the castle, leading many to believe Mayong himself was once a normal dark elf. Despite the ruthless vampires, deadly gargoyle minions, and countless undead, many adventurers discard the warnings of their teachers and enter the castle in search of treasure. Those who return will often speak of luxurious black silks and powerful wreathes of nightshade.

    Neighboring Zones


    Notable NPCs

    • Ancille Cook
    • Advisor
    • Black Dire
    • Butler Syncall
    • Cloaked Dhampyre
    • Dark Librarian
    • Deathly Usher
    • Fallen Noble
    • Garton Viswin
    • Glyphed Aegis
    • Grinning Gargoyle
    • Lasna Cheroon
    • Maid Issis
    • Mayong Mistmoore
    • Mynthi Davissi
    • Princess Cherista
    • Sir Bronthas
    • Ssynthi
    • Xicotl

    Notable Items

    • Advisor Robe
    • Black Silk Gloves
    • Bloodstone Eyepatch
    • Cape of Midnight Mist
    • Chestplate of the Dark Flame
    • Crested Helmet
    • Crested Spaulders
    • Diamondine Earring
    • Flouting Gargoyle
    • Gem-Encrusted Scepter
    • Glowing Iron Pike
    • Glowing Sword Hilt
    • Hooded Black Cloak
    • Lute of the Gypsy Princess
    • Mistmoore Battle Drums
    • Nightshade Wreath
    • Noble's Robes
    • Platinum Skull Ring
    • Robe of the Keeper
    • Sacrificial Dagger
    • Silverwing Loop

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