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    Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Aug 28, 1987

    Simon Belmont must rid himself of a horrible curse placed upon him by Dracula in this action-adventure platformer and sequel to the original Castlevania.

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    Predecessor to the exploration/RPG based Castlevania games

    Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest was the sequel to the original Nintendo Entertainment System Castlevania, itself released on the NES in 1988. Like Zelda II, Final Fantasy II, and Super Mario Bros 2, Simon’s Quest retains a core of gameplay from the original with the rest of the game being a complete departure. The game opens with vampire hunter Simon Belmont on his titular quest, his goal to reassemble the pieces of the dark lord Dracula so that Simon can kill him again and cure himself of the death curse placed upon him in the first game.

    Simon once again has his Vampire Killer whip and stiff jumping for the platforming segments. Sub-weapons are still powered by hearts, which can also be used to buy upgrades in one of the game’s new RPG elements. Leveling up also confers a health bonus. Most sub-weapons make a return alongside new additions like the wall-bouncing diamond.

    The biggest challenge in the game comes from its attempts at a more non-linear presentation. You have to get certain items and do certain things (like the infamous kneeling to summon a tornado) that are poorly explained by the game in large part due to the bad translation. This is not completely the game’s fault as intricate localizations had not yet developed as an industry standard in the 1980s, but it is something to be aware of before going in. Ultimately, this game has the biggest attraction for Castlevania fans and those that might want to check out an early attempt at a “Metroidvania” style exploration game with RPG elements which became popularized with Symphony of the Night. Those that prefer straight action in their NES Castlevania would do well to stick with the original and the third game, Dracula’s Curse.

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