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Recently got Lords of Shadow for my PS3 something like 3 weeks back, and have sunk a busy 20 hours into the game thus far.

Just a few days ago I arrived on the final chapter, looking to kill the boss and finish the game. A lengthy cut scene later and I was engaged in the final fight, ecstatic to have my entire experience culminate in what I've  heard to be an absolutely fantastic ending.

And then...my save got corrupted midway through the fight, and I lost all of my progress. I was crushed, and yet surprisingly didn't erupt into furious fits of anger. I suppose I  just bottled it in for whatever reason, and it will present itself at some unfortunate moment in the foreseeable future.

The best part? I read online that a patch had been released way back when to address this somewhat frequent issue, yet I couldn't take advantage. Why? PSN was down.

So yeah...I guess this kinda seques into how now I'm actually pissed at the hackers for bringing down PSN whereas throughout the entire time the ordeal took place I didn't really give a shit. Never gave out my credit card info and mostly hit up 360 for my online needs anyway.

Man.... fuck. Such a fantastic game. I'm thinking it's my favorite action-adventure/hack'n'slash of this console generation, completely blowing God of War III and Bayonetta out of the water in my personal opinion.  I just don't know that I can bring myself to play through it all again. =(

Anyway yeah, thought I'd write that out

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that sucks. last year I was on the last world of Super Meat Boy and my memory card got corrupted. And on the last level of Vanquish on hard at the same time.

I know your pain!!

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