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It was a good game just hard, but not as memorable as the first t

  I guess I'll start this review off by saying, I have only been playing the Castlevania series since about the first GBA game. I have played games in the past but never beat them up until then, I never played SotN and I know it is the best but I started when Circle of the Moon came out so I'll mainly go from the perceptive and on. This game is good for a Castlevania game but it just didn't leave the same stamp of awesome as the other two games but not nearly as good as Dawn of Sorrow. I know everyone says it is hard and yes it is, but I think it kinda gets a little ridiculous when I am at the final boss and I have to spend like an hour or two grinding to level up just to have enough power to defeat him. I know he is the final boss in the game but it just seems natural to walk into the fight and already be ready to defeat him. I ended up beating the game at level 41 and it took me a while for me to figure out how to deal the final blow to him let alone have enough health to do it. One thing that kinda bugged me was the glyphs, I didn't like how it always used my magic meter. I mean I could understand my MP going down when I use spells, but I didn't like it when I used my main weapon and l lost my MP. This is because I ran into this many times when I was attacking an enemy and had to stop because my MP was out. This might be a minor complaint but it got on my nerves a lot. Other than that beef I had with this game it really is a good game, and every Castlevania fan should this one up while they still can even though it is much more of the same thing in a different package.

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    this game is cool 0

    even if i had to cheese death and dracula with death ring + dominus agony + vol umbra/vol luminato unity spam because this game is also very very hard. i still really loved it. great music, great style, great combat, great main character. probably even more fun if you're the sort of person who likes extra hard modes since this game has those. i'm not that, tho.might be better than sotn, in which iirc i beat dracula by crouching and swinging my sword over and over, tho obviously sotn is a classic...

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