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Pros, masochists, or Castlevania fans...just choose your class! 0

Castlevania, since that first installment in 1987, has always been an exceptional game series, known especially for its top quality gaming value, and its unique Gothic visual style. "The Dracula X Chronicles" is no exception. By getting the "Dracula X Chronicles", you have three superb games in one package: The enhanced version of "Rondo of Blood", plus as unlockable bonuses, the original version of "RoB", plus the legendary PS1 game "Symphony of the Night". So far so good. It would all be per...

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Castlevania: The Impossible X Chronicles. 0

Games as challenging as Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles are a rarity these days. In the current state of gaming we are generally treated to a lot of things we take for granted such as recharging health, plenty of checkpoints, and often the ability to save our progress whenever we need. The Dracula X Chronicles does not share any of these ideologies and instead takes us back to the days when games were absolutely punishing and masochistic. If you're already a seasoned Castlevania veteran t...

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Let us go out this evening for pleasure. 2

Good stuff:Awesome threesomeYou get not one, not two, but three games in one. At first, only the 2.5D remake of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood is available, but after finding two secret items you'll be able to play both the original RoB, and the PSone classic Symphony of the Night. If you're worried about not getting enough bang for you buck, stop worrying right now.A foot-massage for your earsThe Castlevania series has always been known for it's great music, and this is no exception. Symphony of t...

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