Angry Video Game Nerd: Castlevania Part II

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So it looks like he'll review Super Castlevania IV on the next video (one of my favorites). I wonder which other games he'll review in the series....Possibly the N64 games and the Gameboy ones?

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@Apathylad: I have a felling that Super Castlevania IV will be the last one but, I would love to see him talk about the N64 games.
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@JJOR64: I dunno, it would pretty lame if he dedicated the entire next episode to just SCIV. My other guess would be Dracula X or Bloodlines.
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Thanks, I enjoyed watching that funny but true take on those early games, it was a good memory lane as I haven't played the NES games in many years. I had forgotten about that woman until now, I do remember her statement completely baffling me at the time.. I know I used to sit in front of her waiting for something to happen also, lol. 
Castlevania 3 was awesome despite it's apparent flaws.

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@Apathylad: It would be cool if he did more.  I guess we will have to wait and see when the new video comes out.

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