Is this franchise pretty much dead now?

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#1 Posted by deactivated-582d227526464 (835 posts) -

Considering IGA has left the building and Konami's sorry state, I'd guess the IP is done for. I know Bloodstained will be around to scratch the Castlevania itch, but it's still sad to think the series may be done for.

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#2 Posted by nophilip (685 posts) -

Lords of Shadow II did poorly enough that it was probably the nail in the coffin for Castlevania. That and all the Konami nonsense.

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#3 Posted by Rafaelfc (2243 posts) -

Dracula is always a threat!

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#4 Posted by ArbitraryWater (15725 posts) -

I'm sure Konami will love to make some sort of Castlevania pachislot in the future.

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#5 Posted by Mortuss_Zero (744 posts) -

Not so dead we won't see one more game of some kind ooze out the pipeline but unless that game is a surprise smash hit it'll probably be the end.

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#6 Posted by Coolarman (1398 posts) -

I think the best chance we see a product with the name "castlevania" on it is some sort of collection for the series rather than a proper new installment in the franchise.

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#7 Posted by zeppelinracer (67 posts) -

What is a konami property but a miserable pile of secrets?


I loathe that this franchise is over, and I hope this statement is discredited by some developer soon. Until then, Igavania for life.

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#8 Posted by DonutFever (4051 posts) -

Nah, Castlevania Go will be incredible. Can't you wait to click on werewolves every four hours to collect 'blood tokens?' For free?

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#9 Posted by ripelivejam (13204 posts) -

silent hils and castlevania: SOTN 2 both bought by Nintendo and hot Will U scloosies, Fall 2016. B-)

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#10 Posted by csl316 (14977 posts) -

I'm thinking it's in the same boat as Contra at the moment. Or how Mega Man's doing with Capcom.

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#11 Posted by Raspharus (212 posts) -

It's "body" is there, somewhere. Just that it's not alive.

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#12 Posted by TwoLines (3654 posts) -

@nophilip said:

Lords of Shadow II did poorly enough that it was probably the nail in the coffin for Castlevania. That and all the Konami nonsense.

You son of a bitch.

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#13 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7092 posts) -

I would assume so. If we ever see anything other than some sort of Castlevania collection, I will be shocked.

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#14 Posted by Jeust (11739 posts) -

I'm sure Konami will love to make some sort of Castlevania pachislot in the future.

And it will probably make the jump to mobile.

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#15 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

If Bloodstained turns out well then who needs CastleVania anymore.

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#16 Posted by IceNDice (105 posts) -

There will probably be a Castlevania pinball game coming to mobile.

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@arbitrarywater: They're way ahead of you, apparently they're already up to a 3rd one. (can't embed because I'm on mobile)

Edit: That CG makes it look kind of intense. Too bad that couldn't be anything further from the (highly profitable) truth.

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#18 Posted by Sinusoidal (3608 posts) -

Yep. You want to see something depressing? Look at this:

It starts out OK. Quickly gets super awesome. Then, an inexorable 10 to 15 year decline into mediocrity. Oh Konami, why hast thou forsaken us?!?

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#19 Posted by Dizzyhippos (4702 posts) -

I mean there are like a hundred small teams making games like this, including IGA himself.

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#20 Posted by CornBREDX (7370 posts) -

No, they could still make phone games.

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#21 Posted by Otogi (369 posts) -

Every franchise Konami holds now is more or less dead.

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#22 Edited by Levius (1358 posts) -

I'm sure you will be able to buy 1000 holy waters for $50 (BEST VALUE!) within a year.

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#23 Edited by Ezekiel (2257 posts) -

Probably. What makes me sad is that we never got a 3D Castlevania that was designed like Castlevania. The success of the Souls series and Metroid Prime tells me that it would have been a success.

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#24 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5990 posts) -

As dead as O-ren.

For now.

Certainly there will be a mobile game or something.

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#25 Posted by Onemanarmyy (4442 posts) -

The name holds value so Konami will make something out of it. It being any good is very unlikely though.

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#26 Posted by KentonClay (363 posts) -

If Bloodstained is a hit, I wouldn't be surprised to see Konami try to cash in on that with a new Castlevania.

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#27 Posted by Svenzon (946 posts) -

Konami will probably make some mobile game, but I don't think a new console/PC game will show up anytime soon. I hope we will some kind of compilation in the future though. If Mega Man Legacy Collection turns out good, maybe Konami will give Other Ocean the rights to make one. Frank Cifaldi would probably be all over that.

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#28 Edited by Giant_Gamer (762 posts) -

@ezekiel: If Konami have got the rights for Bloodborne and slapped Castlevenia characters into the game, i'm pretty sure their fans would have been jumping around happily by now.

Bloodborne is the Castlevenia that Konamidon't.

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#29 Posted by Quarters (2658 posts) -

Honestly, most of Konami's series probably don't have much of a bright future at the rate things are going. I can barely even imagine anything like Metal Gear Rising 2 happening at this point, as their focus just isn't there anymore.

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#30 Posted by Snail (8908 posts) -

Look out for Simon Belmont in those pachinko slot machines.

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@giant_gamer: An RPG isn't quite what I expect from Castlevania. Bloodborne doesn't even have platforming.

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#32 Posted by deactivated-5b531a34b946c (1251 posts) -

I just want one really good collection (or a couple) of the classics - especially if they can get the DS games onto consoles or PC somehow. Or just release the 360 version of SotN onto Steam. Please just let them get some of those classic games out on modern gaming systems before they take the series out back and stuff it into a pachinko machine or an iPhone. Please?

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#33 Posted by Slag (8157 posts) -

Castlevania deserved a better end than this.

Yet like kind of like Professional Sports stars, most great franchises seem to end ingloriously with a whimper.

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#34 Edited by doctordonkey (1840 posts) -

I suppose so, yeah. Luckily there are a huge swathe of fantastic Castlevania games between the GBA and NDS, so I can always go back to those for my fix.

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#35 Posted by Giant_Gamer (762 posts) -

@ezekiel: oh yeah, i forgot about the platforming. I think that RPG, specially with Bloodborne's fast combat mechanics are the most suitable for a 3D Castelvenia game. You just need to change the character building and base it on a Castelvenia character instead of the open system in Bloodborne.

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