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An unrelenting classic 0

The storied reputation of the Castlevania franchise is no doubt partly due to the solid foundation of its initial installment. Konami's Castlevania for the NES went beyond just establishing franchise conventions like whips, hearts, and complete thievery of classic monster icons but additionally set series standards like great music, precision 2D gameplay, and the occasional bout of frustration. It's a true classic in every sense of the phrase and still holds its undead head up high amongst its c...

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Genesis of a classic franchise. 0

Castlevania came out in 1986 and was Konami’s entry into the platform style game with power-ups that was big on the Nintendo Entertainment System thanks in large part to Super Mario Bros. You control vampire hunter Simon Belmont who, armed with the whip Vampire Killer, is invading Dracula’s castle to fight through the dark lord’s minions so he can take a shot at the head vampire himself. This basic story hook would expand with every sequel to become a sweeping epic detailing the battles of the B...

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Still as hard as I remember. 0

Originally written 11-18-10Taking place in 1691, Count Dracula is wreaking havoc with his minions. Simon Belmont, whose family has a long history in battling the vampire sets off on a quest to destroy him. In order to make it to Dracula, Simon must venture through Dracula's castle armed with his whip and guts. -summaryWhen I speak to most folks about Castlevania, I get responses like "the best Nintendo game I ever played", "the best franchise ever!", "real cool weapons"; but the one response I w...

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An Early NES Classic 0

With a lot of publishers and their incoming games, it took a few years to truly develop something of substance. The early Famicom games would be mostly glorified golden-era arcade games, but after the release of Super Mario Bros. the system would seemingly be bursting to the brim with platformers and probably the earliest and most original after Mario, was Simon Belmont in his first adventure for the system, Castlevania.I think the coolest thing about Castlevania itself is just the premise. You...

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Interplay With A Vampire 0

There's so much fan-service out there for Castlevania, and yet very little modern-day love in terms of sequels and/or remakes. This still remains the perfect Castlevania game, a side-scrolling wonder of creepy castles, scary monsters, eerie ghosts, bloodthirsty bats, and terrifying pork chops. This is one of the mack-daddies, folks. If all of the best and brightest NES games took human form, founded a shadowy political council, and plotted to take over the world, then Castlevania would probably ...

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