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    Catalina Thorne

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    Catalina Thorne is a former Agency research assistant who is responsible for the Freak outbreak in Crackdown 2. She is the leader of Cell, a militia group that terrorizes Pacific City.

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    In the trailer "Crackdown 2: Pacific City Archives: Home Truths", she is noted out to be responsible for the destruction of Pacific City. She is involved with the creatures that haunt Pacific City during the night, and the leader of the gang " The Cell" that troubles the city by day.

    Connections to the Agency

    When she came out of med school, she started working at the Agency as a research assistant. She was devoted and good at what she was doing. After a while, research files started to dissapear. The Agency found out Catalina was conducting her own research, and fired her. After Catalina was fired, which she felt was unjustified, she wanted to take revenge on the Agency for firing her.

    Connections to the Freaks

    She broke into the Agency laboratories, and contaminated devices used in the Agency cloning program. She contaminated the devices with a virus labeled as "M2448", which caused the genetically modified Agents to transform into Freaks. Their body's couldn't take the drastic changes and the Agents died within hours. The Agency labs where destroyed and the whole cloning program had to start over. She then started to offer free medical "consultants" to homeless people. She injected them with the same "M2448" virus, turning them into survivable Freaks, that now haunt Pacific City during the night.

    Connections with Cell

    Cell is a militant group that devastated Pacific City, and pushed the Agency all the way back to the Agency tower, leaving the city helpless. They are connected to the Freaks trough Thorne, but their relationship with the Freaks is questionable. They shoot at them during the night, but they do try to keep The Agency from creating solutions to get rid of the Freaks.


    • She can be heard throughout the entire town talking to the gangs during the day, and the Freaks during nighttime.
    • The end of the game implies that Crackdown 3 will have the player cast as an Agent working for Thorne, trying to bring down the admittedly evil Agency.

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